Making a Difference

The SCFHOF is a non-profit, charitable organization honoring athletes, coaches, business and media members who have made significant contributions and a positive community impact through football. The SCFHOF not only recognizes the Palmetto State’s football legends, but uses this athletic platform to be a catalyst for youth, community and workforce development.

The SCFHOF fulfills its mission of Making a Difference Through Football by educating, empowering and encouraging youth of the Palmetto State.

Curry PA, CPAs, has supported the SCFHOF since 2015. Our founder, Drake Curry serves on the Board of Directors and believes in the SCFHOF’s goal of helping to change the lives of students through character, academic and career development:
“Football is a positive thread that runs through our great Palmetto State. The bonds formed through student athletes, coaches, educators, business and community leaders is designed to build a better community and to insure these athletes learn valuable life-skills through football that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Our company recognizes the corporate responsibility we all have in helping the next generation succeed to ultimately build a better community and state.”

Some of the most recent inductees and honorees connected to football in the state of South Carolina: Steve Fuller (Clemson/Spartanburg), Steve Greer (UGA/Greer), Bobby Bryant (USC), Stephen Davis (Auburn/Spartanburg) and ACC Player of the Year, Travis Etienne, Jr. (Clemson) among others.

Drake believes great things are on the horizon for the SCFHOF: “Our Business Connect program is enabling the SCFHOF to partner and support other charities within the state who are making an impact and for us to be a supporter and leader in education and resources for youth. One of the most exciting thing is the dream of building character and to honor these great players, coaches, and supporters but also provide a leadership center impacting the community.”

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At Curry PA’s we are passionate about helping emerging generations and building better citizens and communities. We are proud to support the SCFHOF.


Bridge Builder:

Character Building for High School Athletes

The South Carolina Football Hall of Fame is about more than athletics which is why Curry PA’s supports this incredible non-profit organization committed to helping students grow and impact the state of South Carolina beyond their high school education. The SCFHOF goes beyond recognizing great athletes, coaches and others who carried the banner for the Palmetto State both on and off the field.

One of the hallmark entrepreneurial efforts by SCFHOF is the Bridge Builder program. The program is a partnership developed by the SCFHOF and the South Carolina Department of Commerce. Bridge Builder is an intentional effort to bring community professionals together with student, athletes, faculty, and business leaders to educate, empower and encourage South Carolina students to develop and promote character, academic and career development. The program was launched in 2018 in Greenville County through Greenville Regional Workforce Advisor, Jay Blankenship.

In keeping with the tradition of honoring outstanding athletes the SCFHOF has announced the Bridge Builder Excellence Award for 2020. It will be awarded to a high school football player that has best exemplified the three pillars of the Bridge Builder program:

  • Character
  • Academics
  • Career

Every high school in the Palmetto State with a football program is encouraged to nominate at least one player for the award. The top 10 nominees will be invited to the 2020 South Carolina Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony on April 2, 2020 at the Hilton Greenville where the winner will be announced.

High school football coaches, athletic directors and faculty are encouraged to nominate students they believe are worthy of the honor at

“This is exactly why we are involved and support the efforts of the SCFHOF. It’s a win-win for our students, the Hall of Fame and those of us who support initiatives engaged in helping youth develop character, leadership skills, hone their academics and have the opportunity to connect with business leaders and great athletes as they seek to choose a career path. At Curry PA’s we believe helping the next generation is one way our company can help support and impact our community.” - Drake Curry

Author: From the winning team of Curry, PA - CPAs, "Hurry to Curry"