A Capital Campaign by Pickens County Meals on Wheels

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October 23, 2013
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A Capital Campaign by Pickens County Meals on Wheels

The Board of Directors of Pickens County Meals on Wheels cordially invite you to kick-off A Capital Campaign to establish a Pickens County Meals on Wheels kitchen facility. Join us for this special opportunity to come together as a community, ensuring it forever remains a place where seniors can age with the dignity they deserve.




As the population ages, the landscape for senior services must transform, and so must Pickens County Meals on Wheels. If we are to effectively meet the needs of our aging population, it is necessary to re-imagine and improve our program’s operations.

That’s why Pickens County Meals on Wheels has launched the Step-up to the Plate Capital Campaign to secure $1,258,00. The campaign will establish a permanent home for Pickens County Meals on Wheels, transform our program, and create a permanent endowment for the future.

Over the next twenty years, as the senior population doubles, PCMOW will use the new kitchen facility and endowment to meet the growing needs of seniors in our community.

Thanks to the generosity of Pickens County Council and Councilman G. Neil Smith, Meals on Wheels has been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish a kitchen in Pickens County at the site of the former Liberty Middle School. The property consists of a commercial kitchen, a cafeteria and four classrooms on a lower level. To build such a facility from the ground up would cost millions.

Your support is the missing piece of this puzzle.

At no other time has your generosity been more important.  We have an incredible opportunity to secure a future for this invaluable public service– a service that helps hundreds of seniors each year maintain their nutritional health, independence and quality of life.

  • Your investment will help create a lasting legacy that nurtures the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Your partnership will strengthen PCMOW’s efforts to ensure our community forever remains a place where seniors can age with the dignity they deserve.

Your investment will demonstrate your commitment to the future of Pickens County as a place where we can ALL live, work, raise our families, retire and age knowing that we are not a burden, but a valued member of our community for as long as we live.

We are asking you to join us in this effort, to become our partner in meeting a moral obligation to feed and care for our elderly neighbors.  We need you, your neighbors need your, our community needs you – Step-up to the Plate.


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